About Pragati Group

For thousands of years India has espoused the precious secret of health and healing. The nucleus of an organization was born in 1994, consumed by the passion to ensure India’s medical heritage must take its rightful place as one of the world’s greatest healing system. Pragati Group thus ushered in ‘Vyadi Rahitha Samajam’ by harnessing the health giving and healing power of plants.

When Pragati was established in 1994, the area was totally barren with terrible climate conditions such that even lizards would not lay eggs there. The water in the location was completely depleted due to mining of lime stone (suddha) which made the land unfit for cultivation. Dr G.B.K Rao CMD Pragati Group selected this land on the basis of three criteria – it is away from the city and highway, non-cultivable /barren land and totally depleted of water. Now, this area has been turned into a location people call "Pragati is Heaven on Earth."

Pragati Green Meadows And Resorts Ltd is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 , ISO 45001:2018, Organic & IGBC rated Resorts. Pragati is one of World’s First Resort to obtain integrated ISO certification and Green rating from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Dr. G.B.K. Rao, the Chairman and Managing Director of Pragati believes that the only answer to the two potential threats – ‘Hunger’ and ‘Pollution’ is “Vruksho Rakshati Rakshitaha & Gow Samrakshana”, started his journey to create what is today Pragati Bio-diversity Knowledge Park a globally renowned man made biodiversity park. His passion and love for nature & its ecological balance has only grown since then. Pragati Bio-diversity Knowledge Park promoted by Pragati Green Meadows and Resorts Ltd realizes the concept of self-sustainable Green Living spaces.

Pragati Group’s trailblazing legacy of two decades can be retraced to its profound reverence for safeguarding the purity of the Pancha bhootas, the five elements of Indian ethos- air, water, fire, earth and sky. And their deep rooted belief for upholding the principles of ‘Vruksho Rakshati Rakshitaha’ and ‘Gow Samrakshana,’ viz., the significance of the cattle and the ecology as depicted in all the images of Lord Sri Krishna, which is the basis of leading a holistic life, full of contentment and prosperity.

Dr G.B.K Rao, an industrialist-turned-environmentalist, strongly believes that Indian culture is an inalienable part of nature, and only when sacred herbal and medicinal plants and sacred desi cows are protected, nature is protected, and man can lead a happy and healthy life. 800 varieties of such sacred herbal heritage medicinal plants, other rare Mother plants and trees which are Kalpavrukshalu are our age-old Prana Pradatas and Arogya Pradatas have been arranged into sacred vanams. The sacred vanams Navagraha Vanam, Nakshatra Vanam, Rasi Vanam, Panchbhoota Vanam, Parijata Vanam, Kadamba Vanam, Sugandha Vanam, Ganapathi 21 Patrika Vanam etc get the desired impact as enshrined in our Vedas. These healing herbs remove toxins and refresh an individual through aroma therapy. They have thereby enabled to make the area completely free from mosquitoes, bad bacteria and viruses.

By following Vedic living practices and Rishi Sanskriti, Pragati realized its cherished belief of Live and Let Live. The whole world now looks towards Pragati as the role-model for protection of the environment and biodiversity. Pragati follows the age old practices and traditions for the health, happiness, peace and prosperity of all people. The recent launch of Amrutha Ahaaram Program on 28th October 2018, on the occasion of Pragati’s 25th Year Celebrations aims to leverage on Pragati’s unparalleled treasure of Vanamoolikalu (sacred herbal and medicinal plants). Pragati’ Amrutha Ahaaram brings the benefits of Dr Khadar Vali’ healthy diet based on Siridhanyaalu, Kashaayaalu, Ganuga nunelu and Thati bellam.


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